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Started as a Solutions company, we now specialize in providing Automation solutions in the space of Energy and Utility Segment

NIPL SCADA software automation solution is designed to meet the functional, performance, availability and expandability requirements of Energy utilities that provides real-time supervisory control and data acquisition.

The system is based on a distributed client/server architecture which runs on the Linux operating system, is designed to internationally recognized standards in all areas of interconnectivity. The use of appropriate third-party hardware and software has been maximized in order to provide the most convenient means of system expansion and integration comply with applicable industry standards, are modular in design, and interact with the real-time database through a well-defined Real-Time Database Manager.

NIPL developed SCADA software automation solution is a

ystem that supports addressing of up to 99,999 stations, with up to 9,999 points each. In addition, there are 7 categories of points within the station so there are actually 9,999 points in each of the categories. Therefore, there is no artificial limit to the data capacity of the system – meaning it can grow with you without any re-licensing to accommodate larger database sizes.

The solution includes the graphical user interface that delivers state-of-the-art visualization to all system data, aiding staff in decision-making and network control. Also included is Survalent Explorer, our full-feature editing software, that allows users to create and modify the database, access points, and more.

Substation and Equipment Maintenance Management

Substation and Equipment Maintenance Management software is designed to help schedule, plan, manage, and track maintenance activities associated with equipment, vehicles or facilities.
A Substation and Equipment Maintenance Management solution provides a central storage location for the majority of data and information for your Substation assets, manages and controls your work and materials management/parts usage processes and tracks maintenance activity over the lifecycle of an asset.
Maintenance, facilities and operations departments can use a this software to manage assets, work orders, work requests, preventive maintenance tasks, inventory and parts, condition monitoring, and maintenance schedules. All maintenance activities can be monitored and analyzed through robust Substation and Equipment Maintenance Management reporting and dashboard tools.


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