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Auto & MC

Auto & MC industries confront a variety of difficulties, such as increased competition, rising raw material prices, excess manufacturing capacity & manual process of sales, purchase and finance.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in Auto & MC industry will help you to optimize the supply chain with real time Dashboard. Which provide better visibility into the in inventory. Our knowledge of purchasing, marketing, sales, and customer service, helps to reduce operational costs, increase process effectiveness and better inventory control.

Out of different Challenges faced by business working on Industrial Machinery Components. Some specific challenges faced are increase operational efficiency, organization wise visibility of inventory, challenges in tracking division wise profitability and Cross posting/ multiple statutory compliance of company codes.

Our Expertise

Empower teams with data which helps in business analytics. Real time data insights increases organizations wide visibility and operation control and reduces statutory compliance. It enables in making accurate forecasting and predictive analytics.

Industrial Machinery Components


With the increased business, the manufacturing industries are facing a lot of challenges. Like smooth and efficient operation of their Warehouse including tracking of the materials in the warehouse. There are disconnected manual process in the manufacturing industry which are limiting the control & visibility over supply chain.

Our Expertise

Digitalizing the warehouse by implementing SAP WM and Setting up RF/barcode in warehouse. Which enables product visibility throughout the supply chain, Improves Inventory accuracy, increase manufacturing capability, Product picking and enables advance features in project tracking

The main challenges faced by chemical industries are in distribution management, supplier management and adapting a continuously change world.

Our Expertise

Our SAP-based solution for the chemical industry, unifies all business-critical operations, optimizing procedures and providing you a better understanding of your organization. Purchase, Batch Manufacturing Report, Material Planning, Production, and Product Costing are all integrated within the system.


Professional Services

The main challenges faced by professional service industry are maintaining CRM, Project Mapping, Resource allocation and their traceability. Professional service industry also finds it hard in maintaining the resources expenses and in setting up milestone wise payment management system.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in Professional services industry can help in Implementation of a payroll system which raises invoice based on customer satisfaction. Third party products to upload Salaries, Journal Entries, Bank Entries, which is used for resources allocation and projection mapping and tracking. Project tracking also allows for milestone wise payment.

Businesses in the Engineering and construction industries are under tremendous pressure to boost profit margins, complete projects on schedule, satisfy customer demands, and manage operating expenses while maintaining growth.

Our Expertise

Automation of business process in Engineering and Construction with SAP and our third party products for auto purchase request generation after production order based on production planning will complete all the projects on time. Another product for complex invoicing will solve challenges faced during GST solution for Sales and Purchase.

Engineering & Construction

Textile Industry

Now a days the textile industries can be seen using large engineering activities. And they find it difficult in maintaining an IT system which can keep a constant check on the status of inventory and on the machinery used at various level. Tracking of Yarn to Greige to Finished production and variations of Quality in FG are big challenges in the textile industry.

Our Expertise

Our SAP based solutions in textile industry like WIP tracking based on the orders, Pick and Pack and Label printing and Barcode scanning will fasten the businesses processes and automate the industry for better decision making for subcontracting and managing and selecting of vendors.

In foundry industry the manufacturing process is very long, varying from weeks to months depending on the size of the casting. The main challenges faced is during the process of heat tracking and valuation of WIP. Some other challenges faced by Foundry industries are Material traceability and raw material price fluctuation.

Our Expertise

We are specialized in foundry industry. Our solution for foundry industry provides a refined WIP tracking solution. It measures the progress from first to final stage of the production. This also tracks the Heat and will keep showing notification of material traceability and raw material price fluctuation.


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