Infra Management Service

AXV Infra Management service is equipped with expertise and competitiveness through network consulting and setup, operation and maintenance. AXV implements high-level network architecture based on accumulated know-how and technologies, provides stable and optimized network environment and adds values to customers.

Cloud Management Service

AXV provides server, storage, network, backup, security and managed serviced in real time. The customer, can quickly respond business changes and save IT infrastructure cost by receiving the required amount of services in real time.

System Management Service

The system operation service of AXV supports uninterrupted IT operation 24-7 to internal and external enterprise business customers and provides overall IT infrastructure operation services from the server resources sizing to the hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrade, patch, backup, and restoration. AXV provide distinct and qualified services for the efficient and stable business continuity.

Security Operation Consulting Service

SAP Infrastructure Operation Service

AXV understands a wide range of IT infrastructure of the SAP ERP system. The SAP Infrastructure Operation service covers the hardware sizing and entire system interface and supports the operation of the SAP installation, patch, user and license management, performance monitoring and tuning and link with the external interface.


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